Christmas preps

A few years ago we posted this on another site we have. Still it is wise to avoid trouble spots. What are some of the things that you have given or recieved as a gift which could be considered preper items?

A Target commercial promoting the specials on Black Friday showed a blond woman discovering a deal. She screeched in the most neurotic way imaginable. It was creepy. But, the ad was prophetic because news reports from Black Friday showed shoppers practically rioting over $2 waffle irons. A man apparently dropped dead and feverish shoppers simply stepped over him in another headline. And then there was the woman who maced other shoppers when pushing and shoving resulted from ‘deals’. Not to be left out, Occupy Wall Street attempted to block shoppers but were over powered by the mayhem and rampant consumerism. This is CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! If you thought perhaps Americans are beyond tearing each other apart, think again. If a $2 waffle iron results in riots, wait till these folks are fighting for the last can of tuna on the grocery store shelf! Which is why I urge you to get prepared now and skip the madness in the fear and confusion of a real crisis… ### While you are out and about looking for other gifts I strongly urge you to consider camping or preparedness items for your loved ones. There are many things that can double as ‘stocking stuffers’ such as match cases, pocket knives, fire strikers and compasses. Food storage packs such as one month kits are great too! It IS about peace of mind. If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear BTW, this works great for birthdays also!

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