Hurricane Season 2

Hurricane season visit 2

Harvey in Texas and Louisiana… the water is still rising in some areas as they release water from the dams to keep them from failing.. it will be a while before many areas see dry land again. There was at least one tornado. There are MANY reports of price gouging on things like gas – as much as $20.00/gal and bottled water for $50 – 100.00 a case.. Some folks are advocating just TAKING the water and handing it out for free. NOT a good idea as that would be theft or depending on how many were involved [2 or 3 plus against one would make it armed robbery even if no weapons are involved. Years ago there were 3 guys heading to the pen – 7 years hard labor for drunkenly ganging up on the pizza delivery person, beating him and taking the 3 pizzas he had brought them…. no weapons were involved and they did not take the money he had -just the pizzas. They were known as the pizza bandits..
back on the 21st of Augest people that traveled to our area for the eclipse ended up paying a LOT more for stuff and their booked hotel rooms than planned and nobody screamed about price gouging then… Go figure (;

during Katrina Louisiana was upset with the Cajun Navy and talked of requiring “permits” before they could rescue people – Texas on the other hand is more welcoming to them now AND rightly so! The Cajun Navy is getting into spots the Coast Guard can not due to the draft of the boats.

The Redneck Army with their high lift pick-ups have been assisting in the rescue and recovery EVEN recovering Army NG trucks stuck or stalled in the deep water. GOOD job to ALL involved!

Every storm we hear of folks rushing to get plywood [which they should already have at home cut to size of their windows and doors] and getting Gen sets – should already have those OR their vehicles set up to generate power with extra batteries and power invertors. Along with cases of bottled water and fighting over the last of the milkl and bread like it was Black Friday Sale time. Looters shooting at civilians / first responders trying to take their stuff. [This was reported at Harvey] Do NOT allow anyone to disarm you! EVER! Always have an exit stratigy in place.

ADVICE during flooding it is normal to want to clime to a higher area.. do this OUTSIDE, Do NOT clime into your attic where you will be trapped and die!

And now IRMA is headed for Florida, East coast or the gulf – don’t know yet…

STAY in touch with your family and friends who are not in harms way…. They are very concerned for you and your safety – don’t leave them in the dark

If you want minute by minute news on hurricane operations tune into 7.268LSB, 7.242LSB, 14.325USB, 14.300USB, 3.860, 28.445USB or 147.090 pl tone131.8 to hear many of then operations going on in affected areas…. DO NOT transmit unless you are rendering direct aid to someone. If you are a HAM operator you know what all this means, if not it is easy to become licensed.

CB s are great for local comms and sometimes even long range talking depending on the conditions. FRS has it’s place too along with HAM radios.

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and some books that explore the topics in more depth This is book 1 the quick start guide to preparedness. This is book 2 about traveling and evacuation planning.

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