I wanted to get this quick TIMELY tip out to you today.

It’s a tip that I’ve suggested for the last several years on the day after Christmas that a lot of you have taken advantage of… If you’ve got the time, head to your local Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Target, etc. and buy some LED Christmas lights on closeout.

Home Depot even has sets this year that are solar powered and come with a solar charger, Lithium Ion battery, a light sensor to turn them on automatically at dusk and a timer to turn them off 6 hours later! If you’ve got 120 volt emergency power, these are a great cheap way to keep your house lit during an emergency.

A great accompaniment is the SMALL 1 plug cigarette adapter inverters that you can buy from Radio Shack so that you can power the lights with a 12 volt battery. And, if you want more adaptability, you can spend another $3 and get a battery harness that will hold 8 AA batteries (1.5vx8=12v) so you can run your LED strings on AA batteries. The model I like is from Radio Shack, has a 9v type connector, and works like a charm. It’s current model number is 270-387. As you’re searching, you might want to look for these features: -strings of lights rather than “icicle” lights -a female plug at the end so you can run multiple sets in series -wired so that the set will still work if a bulb goes out -LED -can be saved for next year or used as emergency lighting OR as night security lighting :]

If you’ve got any other after-Christmas prepper deals that you’re finding, please share them with us.

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