riots continue

It is Friday after the election on 2016 November 08 the riots are continuing.

We are listening to a radio station [ if your local station does not carry Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis] in Portland, Oregon in part reporting on the riots there. There are reports of ‘bombs’ going off [flash bangs are a type of hand grenade] and other non fun things happening. While the regular reporting is interesting the commentary from the talk radio show host is by far MORE interesting and informative as he reports on the stuff happening outside the building he is in.

some of the happenings can be boiled down to a bit of advise.

1. IF you can avoid such areas, stay away!
2. If you actually HAVE to be in such areas OR if you just happen to can caught in a riot or other ‘protest’ leave if you can. If you can not leave OR if your job requires you to be in an area, PLAN to be able to SIP [shelter in place]. Food, water, toiletries, bedding, change of clothes for 3 days stored in your office. This WOULD include needed medications and medical devices such as a spare C-PAP [and or oxygen,] they are easy to find at garage sales and your oxygen company can service and set them as back up devices.
3. If you get caught in a ‘protest’ do NOT engage the rioters. Keep moving with your windows rolled up, doors locked and leave the area. If you are walking move to the edges of the protest and then exit the stream of walkers. [yes that was a ref to ‘The Walking Dead’ and in my mind is an appropriate analogy.
4. Do not draw attention to yourself. Blend in as best you can.
5. If you are working in an area like this have someone outside the area monitor communications and alert you to the situation so that you can make informed decisions.
6. Do not depend on your own vehicle nor public transportation as they can and most likely will be shut down or blocked. Plan on walking [or running] to get anywhere OR plan to shelter in place.
7. This would be a good time to pray for your self and loved ones AND the nation.

Cross ref

and some books that explore the topics in more depth This is book 1 the quick start guide to preparedness. This is book 2 about traveling and evacuation planning.

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