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Fresh Wild Greens

We have known Kate for many years now. Please check her out along with her blog and if you are near Denver CO or will be traveling to her area, her classes are well worth the time to attend. By the way, I found some milkweed plants growing today and they may be ready to harvest the pods if you live at a lower altitude. See our write up last year.
It’s Spring! Fresh Wild Greens are Back!
It’s that lovely season when the early Spring greens are up in abundance and are at their peak of nutritiousness. It is also the time when I start my wild edible walks and talks as the Urban Forager! This coming Saturday, April 12th, I will be opening the season with a foraging event at Denver Sustainability Park. We will focus on the Spring greens that our Grandmother’s knew were the best help in clearing the Winter ‘funk’ out of our bodies, gently and surely. These little greens will also nourish you with a super load of vitamins and minerals. So come join me for a two hour experience of learning, foraging, and asking any questions about wild edibles that you have. You can sign up for my walk or contact me for a tour of your own backyard and neighborhood! Remember, if you know your wild local edibles, you’ll never lack for food!
Remember we have to Prepare to Survive and Thrive. Learning wild plants is a part of it.

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