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This is Janice’s latest book.
Busy Kids Are Well Behaved Kids

Even the most well behaved child can become restless or start whining, sulking or being naughty and it makes you wonder what happened to the most perfect little angel God ever created. They got bored, that’s all. If you keep them busy, you will keep them well behaved. Even children that are typically less than cooperative will be little angels if you can engage their interest. With dozens of projects plus foods for the kids to make, there is plenty of variety in here easy enough for a three year old but still entertaining enough for a 63 year old. There are step by step instructions plus layouts with measurements to help you. Includes diagrams for layouts and step by step full color pictures. This is the only craft book you will need for the whole summer and beyond.
Product Details

Paperback: 170 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1496166817
ISBN-13: 978-1496166814
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.4 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Prep reminder

With all the unrest in the world over the last few years (9-11-01, Iraqi war, economic recession, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and others) it is a good thing to be ready for anything. Here are some items that may help.

* 1 gallon water per family member or pet per day for two weeks.
* a way to purify even more water in case you must go without fresh water supply for a period of time.
* 6 months (or more) food in your pantry. Include your pets! They need to be accounted for and fed too.
* 6 months (or more) salary in savings. You can do this slowly, no need to panic and save it all at once. Just $5.00 per week in a savings account will add up quickly. Keeping some of this savings in your house is advisable in case of continuing decline in economy or power outage in your area (power is out, the ATM isn’t going to work). Keep it in your kit, this way if you have to evaciate it’s available to you.
* 1 month supply of all medications (6 months supply would be even better).
* camping cookstove in case of power outage. Remember to use this in a well ventilated area.
* fuel for stove.
* easy to prepare foods, such as un-condensed soups and cans of fruit and such that will be very quick to prepare or can be eaten from the can.
* keep your car above 1/2 tank of gas at all times. This will help if you ever need to be evacuated from your residence. Above 3/4 would be better, but it would be more trips to the gas station.
* phone book in print format of all friends and relatives. Keep a copy of this in your kit so you don’t have to hunt for it if you evacuate.
* evacuation plans so you do not have to be dependant on a shelter if you have to evacuate your home.
* Remember your pets! If you do need to evacuate, shelters will not let you bring them. Check with your local shelter or vet to see where you can take them if you can’t bring them with you.
* Keep your dishes and laundry done. In winter or during an emergency there could be power outages that keep you from being able to do either of these simple chores easily.
* Keep appropriate clothing for each season on hand. If your area gets very cold during the winter, keep enough clothing on hand you can go from 2 weeks to one month without doing laundry in case of power outages.
* Paper goods, such as paper plates, napkins, plastic cutlery and plastic cups will truely help during a time of no power. No washing, you simply deposit them in a trash bag for either garbage collection or, if you are in the country, burn barrel. Non-coated paper plates, bowls and cups may also be burned in a fireplace.
* Keep oil, water, and a shovel in your vehicle. Depending on your area you may also want to keep a few rugs or some kitty liter as well for traction in case of ice or sand. This can be very helpful during winter driving or summer cruising.
* Think about getting a passport. It’s accepted in all places as picture ID. Even when a drivers license is regected or expired. A passport generally has a 10 year expiration date.
* Scan all important pictures and either save them on disk, or have someone do it for you. Then keep this disk in your kit, then you will never be without those momento pictures that are so important to us.
* Scan all important paperwork. Titles for cars, homes, birth certificates, marriage certificates and the like should all be scanned onto disk and also kept in your kit. These scans are not legally binding, but at least you have the information this way in case the original in your possession is destroyed.
* Keep a kit! Do not store it in your car, but keep it with you at all times in your house. In the living room when you are awake, or other easily accessible spot, and in the bedroom with you when you are asleep. Keep the spots routine, so that even in a “just woke up” state you can find and grab your kit if you have to leave the house in a hurry. If you travel somewhere more than walking distance from your home, take your kit with you.
* Keep your vehicle maintained. Change oil, flush and fill the radiator, flush and fill the transmission and do all recommended maintenance on a regular schedule. Manufactures, put out a recommended schedule that you will find in the owners manual online, or by contacting them. Keep to it. It would be a shame if you had to evacuate and your vehicle broke down at a key time. Not to mention, it could cost your life. Many people have frozen to death in winter when their car has broken down just when they needed to get somewhere.

We can all take care of ourselves and each other if we just think ahead and be ready.