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Anything dealing with AIR goes here. Mobile such as gas masks and small O2 tanks. Static location such as at home, this would include HEPA filters, O2 concentrators, scuba or other air handling systems.

full time RV

Can you give me some input on RV full timing?  Your opinion on best type of rig, size, must haves, etc.?  I’m thinking Class A or 5th wheel — but no experience

Our Response

Currently we have a Winnebago type 20+ foot camper because that is what was available when we needed it and in our price range.

The up side for the driver compartment being connected to the cabin portion is that you can spread out a bit and still be able to talk with each other. Your co-pilot can get cold drinks from the frig without stopping or make you a sandwich too. In the morning if you want an early start, you can get up and just start driving without the hassle of going outside to the truck. You can, depending on how you have the thing configured have a bread machine making bread for you while you drive. Others can sleep comfortable while one drives.

The down side is that your whole house goes with you to the store and if /when you have mechanical issues or need the engine serviced your whole house is in the shop for however long and you have to figure out where to live and how to get around during that time.

PULL behind

I like the bumper hitch type over a 5th wheel. A 5th wheel interrupts the use of the bed of the truck. I would want a camper shell for ‘extra’ hauling or to put stuff from the store or lumber whatever else you may want to haul. Several people that I know have an external gas tank mounted in the bed. I have seen 100 gal tank as a single and with 2 of the tanks- so 1600 – 1700 lbs of fuel. One guy that I talked with at church this summer has 1 – 109 gal tank and his range is from here in Wyoming to south Florida without refueling.

Generally the other up side to a pull behind is that it can be parked either at a park or free standing and left behind when you go shopping or to the movies or appointments ect, when the truck needs serviced you can still use your home on wheels. Also when the miles build up and you switch out the truck for a newer one the house stays the same, which is cheaper.

The down side is that everyone has to move from the camper to the truck when you are on the road. Given your situation ¾ to 1 ton crew cab may be a good choice.

POWER issues

We have 4 [I would like to expand this to 8] deep cycle marine batteries wired into the camper along with an 800 watt power converter so that it charges while we drive. The o2 concentrator and C-pap [s] run off the same system and we can set up stationary for 2 days before the batteries need to be charged again. We do have solar panels that help extend that time. We plan on adding a couple of 600 watt wind gens at a later date. We do have a 5,000 watt gen set as back up. At some point I would like to change that out for one in the 800-900 watt range as it will use less gas and will be easier to move around.

With some of the newer security systems out there you can alarm the door[s] and windows along with the truck & perimeter with wireless motion alarms and even have CC with a recorder.