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How to train toddlers in preparedness

How to train toddlers in preparedness

As I sit here cutting out memory games for church, I got to thinking that this is a good way to teach toddlers just about anything that you have pictures for. For example you could teach herbs, animals, fish, tools, prep supplies, cooking tools, etc.

All you need is a picture of an item and of course make 2 of them so the toddlers can match them, and write the name of the picture on it so that they get use to how the name looks and then when they match the items say what it is a few times. After that, they will tell YOU what it is. I would keep the cards to certain categories, like all animals or all herbs, etc. You could even put a front and back of the same item (for example an animal so the child would know it from either direction) on different squares for older toddlers or children to match. You could put a picture of an animal and its tracks/or poop [aka scat] for the older toddlers and children to match – this would work for adults who don’t know the information too.

Take card stock and draw 3” X 2” squares and draw or cut out printed pictures and place within the 3” X 2” space. After you make copies and cut the squares out you can either use as is or if you want to use for a long period of time like through multiple children, then take clear shelf paper and laminate them on both sides.

You can also do step training by using the same type cards. Use the same 3”X 2” cards and draw or cut out anywhere from 2-5 steps and what the process would look like in each step. These could be how to turn the water main off, what to do if you smell smoke in the house or how to change the batteries in your flashlight. As your toddler gets older you could add more steps like how build a fire or how to put up a tent. You only have to have 1 copy of each using this game.

So instead of matching just 2 cards you would have to match in order 3 or more. Cut the squares out and either use as is or laminate them for longer use.

You may want to consider putting a laminated copy of the whole procedure into your emergency binder and near the equipment too so that others will know what to do if you are not available.

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Stake Preparedness Fair

For the preparedness minded…. And you would not be reading this if you were not ;] one of the oft over looked areas of research and education is your local LDS church. As an example the LDS community in Cheyenne WY will be hosting a Stake Preparedness Fair at the Laramie County Library on Saturday 2015-09-26 starting at 1000. Here is the program outline.

The Stake Preparedness Fair at the Laramie County Library. Multiple classes will be held from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 10:00 am — Calling Tree Needs and Response, 11:00 am — Family Preparedness Plan (taught by Sister Jill Reading); 1:00 pm — Survival Tips and Tricks (taught by Brother Gil Waddell); 2:00 pm — Financial Preparedness; 3:00 pm — Food Storage and Provident Living.
I know some of the presenters and they are great people and you can consider this a personal endorsement of them and this program.

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FREE books

Free books this weekend

Got this e-mail from one of my favorite authors. So this applies to August 21st through August 24th 2015. I really enjoyed the time travel books and so did my grandkids. I am SOOooo looking forward to the sequels! Janice Czaplewski also has several other books out on engineering, crafts and one on surviving divorce. If the one on divorce had been available, way back when, I would have used it will some of my counseling clients…… YES, it is that good!

### Copy of the e-mail follows.

I put the time travel books up for free on Kindle from tomorrow through Monday.

Our Store

We are opening up ‘Our Store’ on and the items will be listed under the “Categories” on the right hand side of our site toward the bottom. Subscribers will of course receive a notice as with any other posting of a new listing BUT after that people will have to actively search for the store items. We are doing it this way so as to NOT have it so much in your face merchandizing like some sites we have all seen.

As with other affiliate programs we get a small commission off of the transaction yet at the same time it will NOT cost you any more than if you had gone directly to the Amazon [or whatever] site. We believe that this creates a win – win situation for all of us.
As with everything else about our site we look forward to reading your feedback on stuff.

If you would like to order an autographed copy of any of the books that members of our group have authored feel free to contact us via the ‘contact us’ form on the main page OR e-mailing and arrangements can be made to get it to you.

Here are links to most of the books. This is book 1 the quick start guide to preparedness. This is book 2 about traveling and evacuation planning. I wish that this book had been available back in the days when we were doing general psych and counseling. Yes, you can consider that a professional endorsement of the book. Most of us have kids and grandkids, this will help with dealing with them. I think that it would be good to have on hand to keep anyone productively busy.
This is the first book in a time travel series for kids…. ;] The series is referenced in the traveling and evacuation planning book above.
This is book 2 of the time travel series. The release date of book 3 has not been announced yet.

Ready? Or Not ~ FUN Things WILL Happen

Are you one of those people who when traveling forgets the most important things to pack? Or do you take everything but the kitchen sink? When the kids are sick do you run to the store and purchase Pedilyte at a high price?

Don’t be like a nurse we used to work with. In the dead of winter she drove her and her kids 60 miles one way to see her folks out in the sticks on less than ½ tank of gas and without coats nor blankets.

Following the advice in this book will help make your travels easier and more fun. This is also a good resource for an evacuation plan in case of emergency.

Ready? OR Not ~ Things WILL Happen

About the book

72 hour kits or Bug Out Bags are just the start of being prepared. BOBs and how to make them are covered too along with other concerns like communications, skill sets and team selection concerns, health and safety issues are explored. In short, this will quickly get you started on the road to preparedness and provident living.
What people are saying: You have a really great survival guide here. When you publish it, I would like to buy several copies so I can give each of my children one. Pat RN
The Book is coherent and well laid out. It covers just about all the basics well and explains why and how they are needed. Carter Respiratory Therapist
This was exactly what i was looking for. It’s well organized and not only give you a starting point but leads you through what you need to be prepared for an emergency. I feel that my family would be prepared after reading this book. It’s easy to read, understand and follow. The size is perfect for tucking into a pocket or backpack. This is the book you want if you’re looking for a handy guide to preparedness. Lois M Executive Assistant