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Earning a living AMMO

Earning a living AMMO

Manufacture and reloading ammunition, you can do either ‘standard’ loads or the loads can be very customized. There are big factory operations to smaller “Mom & Pop” concerns. Both type of set ups can turn out high quality products.
Today we will focus on the smaller Mom and Pop type groups. This last weekend I had a chance to deal with 2 such organizations. I was pleasantly impressed with both of them.

1. John and Cindy Taylor of are based in Wyoming. I have shot some of their ammo and it was a pleasure to do so. John is Retired USMC . The prices were very acceptable. I am comfortable in recommending them.

2. Bob and Laura Stahl of are based in Colorado. I have not fired any of their products yet. I did have them work up a price for an old rifle / revolver combination that a friend has. The cartridge is out of production as far as I can tell. The price quote per box of 50 down sized rounds from another caliber with soft lead cast bullets was great. They would not be on this list unless I can recommend them.

Some of the advantages that I can see for making a living doing what they do include
A. Flexible hours so they can attend shows, kids / grandkids activities or doctor’s appointments.
B. Can’t sleep at night? Not a real issue, get up and work, then sleep in the next day if you need to.
C. Ready for a vacation? Make the arrangements and go. Combine that with going to shows.
D. There is ALWAYS a demand for ammo, until it gets banned and then there will be even more demand for it.
E. Attractive tax benefits to having a business == discuss this with your accountant.

You don’t have an accountant? We can highly recommend McGee Hearne & Paiz LLP 307-634-2151 or 307-637-2617 are their Cheyenne Wyoming phone numbers according to the June 2014 phone book. Even if you don’t live in nor near Cheyenne they have contacts all over and can refer you to a good accountant.

For the hobbyist reloader check out any of the books put out by the NRA or take a class on reloading. I am sure that either of the 2 listed above can direct you to the books they use.

As with any business venture you should consult your management team [lawyer, accountant and insurance agent] for their advice on the actual nuts and bolts of things. We are only sparking discussion.

Please comment in the comment section so that everyone can learn. To start a new topic you could use the contact us form on our main page at www.PrepareSurviveThrive.US or send an e-mail to Office@PrepareSurviveThrive.US

Locked out

Recently we were at a trade show promoting our books. It was early Saturday morning while everyone was opening up for the day. Brett from the Farmer’s Daughter LLC – – had gone looking for change I believe is what he said, when he came to this one vender who had forgotten the keys to their money box. Well Brett being Brett he started going around to all the other venders to see if anyone had a key that would fit. No, we didn’t have a key that would fit.

The options discussed were that they could drive home and get the keys.. a 3 hour round trip which would been less fun than Gilligan’s Island. Destroy the box. Drive into town and hit an ATM $300 daily limit -20 miles- or just pack up and go home. None of those options were appealing to any of us.

It took about 10 minutes to get the moneybox open for them AND that included making the tools to do the job. So there was a happy ending. Oh, did I mention that we did have a locksmith at our table ;].

***Here is the take away from this. ***

They had BOTH keys to the lock box on the same keyring which is how it came from the store and had left them on the desk at home. This is normal, common behavior BTW. If you are married each of you should have a key on your key ring. If you are by yourself then you should have the backup set of keys somewhere safe that you can get to on your expedition. I carry 2 sets of car keys on me and my wife does too. Spare keys are cheaper and easier than being locked out.

When going on a trip especially out of town, fill out a load list – an example of this is in or you can write out a list and check it twice when you travel.

Skills – some skills are easy and quick to learn, others take a long time to learn, develop and maintain with constant practice. Examples of the more difficult skills include locksmithing and healthcare. This story was a good example of the locksmith being able to build the needed tools on need.

Shelter mobile 1

Shelter mobile 1

Combine both of these with a few modifications and make mobile. I have some more ideas…. ; ] Rich

I like the egg shaped one but not the
price. The fan shaped one has a little more room
though. How would you modify them?
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The client is on continuous oxygen via an electric concentrator along with other life support machines. Some of the medications have to be refrigerated.
To start with ……

I think that if we started with a basic cargo trailer with roof vent and drop down back door and side man door. For this discussion and as a basic starting point an 8’ x 14 – 30’ trailer would be good. A cargo trailer is –hopefully – stronger built, will haul more and stand up to hard use better. On the roof I would want to permanently mount solar panels at least 200 – 500 watts worth –maybe more, will have to cipher on it more. On each of the front corners install brackets for 400 – 600 watts wind gens which would be stored when not in use or driving.
Batteries, golf cart ones sized to be able to run everything for 48 to 72 hours between charges. Not that I would want to do it that way, just so that if there is no sun or wind we could still function…. Also the vehicle would be able to charge the system while the engine is running. As a back-up there would MAYBE be a very small gen set AFTER all the rest of the camper is set up. Power inverter 3,000 to 5.000 watts x 3. Would set the trailer up to use shore power if it is available and to charge / maintain the battery system. A small [dorm type] 110 frig and chest freezer along with a microwave. Lights would be cfl, LED or shop lights.

100 gallon fresh water tank inside the trailer, with a pump to pressurize the system 5 – 10 water heater. Would set up rain water harvesting and stream/pond water harvesting. Up to 200 gal raw water holding / treatment tanks. Have at least one gal of bleach on hand for water treatment. PLUS a chlorine generator for long term. With this type of system we could expand from 2 people to 20 fairly easy.
Grey water would have a smaller holding tank that can either be sent to the sewer OR if out in the boonnies have a hose to drain it at least 100 feet away or to a garden if camping that long. A small walk in shower.
Composting toilet
As part of the rain water harvesting would use tarps that would also expand the living area around the trailer.
Whatever we would use to haul the trailer would have an extra 50 to 200 gal of fuel capacity.
888 What are your thoughts on this set up?