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EAS false alarm

EAS false alarm

Recently there was a false warning for a missile attack on Hawaii. The warning lasted about 37-38 minutes and caused a great deal of panic. People were going into the storm drains for shelter.

Apparently someone had just hit the wrong button. All I got to say about that is IT happens. That raises a question in my mind. Ideally everything should go as planned 100% of the time. That is not reality though now is it? Which would you rather have happen, a false alarm OR no alarm and the first you know is a bright flash of a nuke going off? IF we can not have 100%, then I would rather get a few false alarms than miss out.. SO, in my mind it was a good thing as it showed flaws in the system, it made people think and has sparked conversation!

So let’s analyze the situation– here in the US of A mainland we are about 30 minutes by ICBM from Russia and China and North Korea– comforting thought. In Hawaii it is way less than that maybe 10 or 15 minutes from North Korea. Maybe if people could keep that in mind they would not be panicky after the first 20 minutes [ymmv]

Shelter – it would be great if you had a designated shelter to go to, 2nd best is retrofitting your basement . As far as going into the storm drains or sewer systems, it is a good idea until it rains and washes the fallout into the drains. The other issues with going underground like that is methane which displaces oxygen which WILL kill you. Think about it, the next time you see a work crew going in the pipes they always keep one person on the surface AND they pump fresh air down to the underground workers.

Is it possible to survive a nuclear weapon attack?? Unless you are directly at ground zero, yes it is. I was stationed in Japan in the 1970s. Part of my duties as a medic was taking care of some of the survivors from the 2 atom bombs we dropped in the 40s. This was not from the kindness of our [or our government] hearts. We wanted the data for research. It was very interesting seeing the flash burns on them [the survivors] and you could tell what the patterns of clothing they had on. The darker part of the pattern had worse burns V the lighter colored areas. One of the people was SOOOoooo… lucky, he was 700 – 1,000 yards from ground zero with the first bomb and survived, then he walked home where he was just in time to be caught in the 2nd bombing… mind you this was back in the 1940s. He finally dies of old age in the early 2000s about 60 years after being bombed twice.

Which brings us to— what are you doing to get prepared?

Ref article – which should NOT be comforting..

Hello Computer

Hello Computer

A friend got one of those Alexa Dot that you can talk to and among other things make phone calls for you hands free…. This sounds like a good thing, RIGHT? Maybe not so much some times.

I demoed it for a friend that dropped in for Christmas dinner. I told the dot to call me [as I knew that it had been set up to call my phone.

ALEXA call XXXX it started ringing and then a young lady answered and there was a baby crying in the background….. boy did I get a wrong number as we don’t know anyone with that size of kid. We chatted for a bit and I explained what was going on, she got a laugh out of it and we wished each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…..

here is my assessment….. wrong numbers can still happen EVEN with a small universe [you think] of numbers you can call – the young mom’s number was NOT programmed into the system. This could just be an annoyance issue.

BUT, ALEXA has a ‘drop in’ feature too. Example I am sitting in my office and I want to drop in and listen to the kids in our living room. Can ALEXA connect to a ‘wrong number’ of say, YOUR bedroom? I do not know and do not want to find out the hard way. This aspect is why ALEXA is in the study.

What are your thoughts on this?