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All Hallows Eve and Antifa

All Hallows Eve and Antifa

Well folks AntiFa is still talking about an uprising on November 4th… Saturday. Is there going to be civil unrest??? Beats me.

None the less it is always a good idea to take such things at face value. With that in mind Monday some time early fill your gas tank [Tuesday is All Hollow’s Eve ] with all those kids out and about is good enough reason to be ready anyway. Check and be sure that you have your go bag ready…. illness from over eating candy has sent more than one kid to the hospital along with the % of accident injuries so you may need to visit the hospital and it pays to be ready….. BTW November 1st is the best time to stock up on Halloween candy for your BOBs and car kits and for your ling term storage system.

On Thursday regardless of what is going on top your fuel tank as you normally would. Hit the store and get the fresh stuff you will need for the weekend to avoid the crazies who shop on Friday nights and the weekends.

It may well be worth while for you to go to your bank Monday and get a bit of extra cash out in case you come across any good sales on Halloween stuff.

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