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Riots post election

Riots post election ;[

There are several riots going on around these US of A for the second night after the elections. Sounds like a lot of property damage with several people hurt [at least 2 in ICU]

I realize that half of the country is happy how the elections turned out and the other half is pissed. Either way it is getting needlessly dangerous out there.

I have heard some talk of how the ‘protesters’ are paid to be out there stirring up crap. Is this actually the case? I do not actually know. Some observations though. Most of the “spontaneous protests’ seem too well organized and co-coordinated in my opinion. Regardless of if they are spontaneous or not it is NOT safe for you to be around them.

So what do you do if you find yourself in the middle of this crap? OR better yet how do you prevent yourself from being in the middle of it?

Pay attention to your surroundings, avoid large groups of people, plan out alternate routes of travel AND have plans to be able to camp out at your place of work or with friends until the crowds / trouble disburses.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings – know what is ‘normal’ for where you are, be familiar with the area for the time of day you normally are in the spot. Are the people near you behaving as they normally do or are they agitated? Does anyone appear odd or out of place / does not fit in? If so, report it to the ‘normal’ people there [your co-workers, friends, the boss or security if any. Once you have alerted others either take control of the situation or leave.
2. While you are out and about avoid large groups of people especially if any of them seem agitated or angry.
3. Plan out alternative routes of travel AND escape routes. Always know at least 2 ways to exit any area you find yourself in. look for the normal things like front, back and side doors. Consider also windows as points of egress. Discuss this with others in your party so that everyone will be on the same sheet of music should something not good happen, also discuss and agree on a meeting place should any of you get separated.
4. Have a communication plan before hand with those in your party AND people at home. Most of us have cell phones which seem to grow out of our heads now. Consider use of either CB radios, the FRS type radios or the Beofeng radios that I have reviewed elsewhere in the blog.
5. Have plans to be able to camp out at your place of work or with friends until the crowds / trouble disperses. It is sometimes advisable to just stay somewhere until the storm blows over. Right now we are discussing riots and “peaceful protests” but this also applies to snow storms and other such. If you work in an office type setting consider storing an extra set of clothing, toiletries, a days [or 3] of rations and maybe some bedding in or under your desk – I have been snowed in at work before and it sure is better if you have planned ahead.
6. Listen to the news and or local radio station while at work to be able to know what is going on around town. An off shoot of this is to have a friend or family member who is at home pay attention to the local news and alert you to things. People can take turns on this if you have a group and if need be and the group is large enough there could be 24 hour coverage.
7. Lastly, if there is trouble and you do not HAVE to be out and about, do not be stupid and STAY home..

cross ref

and some books that explore the topics in more depth This is book 1 the quick start guide to preparedness. This is book 2 about traveling and evacuation planning.

Russia current event

Current events

Russia two weeks ago [2016 October 3rd] started a disaster exercise putting 40 million people into shelters which was reportedly to last 4 days. I have not heard anything as yet to say that the exercise is over and this is the first such exercise that I recall since at least back to the 1980s. They have recalled families traveling abroad EVEN students who are in the middle of semesters AND the US government has broken off diplomatic ties with them as well, this last 2 were within the last week [all of thus far I heard on the radio news stations] and just yesterday [Sunday 2016 October 16th] a friend was telling me about a news report out of the UK that the RAF had been cleared to fire on Russian jets in Syria. He had read the story a couple of days ago.

So it IS time to pay attention and get ready.

Get ready for what? Just general disasters or hoards of Walkers – which returns for season 7 soon. ;]

Pay attention to the news both here and abroad, don’t take just one source as fact [not even RBO] but use it as a starting point for your own research. Consider investing in short wave radios to listen to the news of other countries, as well as a scanner for local emergency services traffic.

Talk with your friends and maybe pool your resources on some of this. Perhaps one family gets the scanner and another gets the short wave. Each family would monitor them and as things happen share the information with their group. You could set up a weekly [or even nightly as things heat up] sharing time to discuss the things you heard. This may be a good thing to do over dinner. Strongly consider including your kids in the discussions as they will have something to contribute AND the world situation will note seem as scary to them [or more scary in an informed way] .

As many of you know I am a strong advocate for CB radios for local chat in case the cell phones go down. The hand held Baofeng works good for short range communication if you have the appropriate licenses and it will act as a great little scanner for FRS/GMRS, marine radio band, as well as many emergency services agencies.

Things to do: check stock levels of food, water, medications ect…
keep your fuel tank over half full in summer and over ¾ full in winter.
Update your emergency contact lists
consider how much cash you need to have on hand [small bills and change]

Practice your preps.

Cross reference parts 1 and 3 are good too

Fire starter insert

Fire starter www.PrepareSurviveThrive.US
Gather tinder in a pile next to where you intend to start your fire. Use the driest material available. You should have 5 times more tinder and kindling ready than you think you will need. Unless you have extra hands available and foraging for fire wood – gather 5 times more of that than you think you will need for the night.

Lay your fire.

Pare a small pile of magnesium shavings – at least enough to cover a quarter. Use a sharp knife or other metal tool held at 90 degrees to the magnesium block. The magnesium shavings will burn extremely hot [over 3,000 degrees] and fast.
When ready strike the Ferro rod [flint] aiming the sparks toward the magnesium shavings.

To prevent serious injury and property damage: keep away from children, wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and heavy-duty work gloves during use, use as intended only, inspect before every use. Magnesium in solid form is safe do not pare shavings until ready to use. Clear ground of flammable material 5 feet around fire site. Do not leave fire unattended and be prepared to extinguish fire completely

FREE books

Free books this weekend

Got this e-mail from one of my favorite authors. So this applies to August 21st through August 24th 2015. I really enjoyed the time travel books and so did my grandkids. I am SOOooo looking forward to the sequels! Janice Czaplewski also has several other books out on engineering, crafts and one on surviving divorce. If the one on divorce had been available, way back when, I would have used it will some of my counseling clients…… YES, it is that good!

### Copy of the e-mail follows.

I put the time travel books up for free on Kindle from tomorrow through Monday.

Our Store

We are opening up ‘Our Store’ on and the items will be listed under the “Categories” on the right hand side of our site toward the bottom. Subscribers will of course receive a notice as with any other posting of a new listing BUT after that people will have to actively search for the store items. We are doing it this way so as to NOT have it so much in your face merchandizing like some sites we have all seen.

As with other affiliate programs we get a small commission off of the transaction yet at the same time it will NOT cost you any more than if you had gone directly to the Amazon [or whatever] site. We believe that this creates a win – win situation for all of us.
As with everything else about our site we look forward to reading your feedback on stuff.

If you would like to order an autographed copy of any of the books that members of our group have authored feel free to contact us via the ‘contact us’ form on the main page OR e-mailing and arrangements can be made to get it to you.

Here are links to most of the books. This is book 1 the quick start guide to preparedness. This is book 2 about traveling and evacuation planning. I wish that this book had been available back in the days when we were doing general psych and counseling. Yes, you can consider that a professional endorsement of the book. Most of us have kids and grandkids, this will help with dealing with them. I think that it would be good to have on hand to keep anyone productively busy.
This is the first book in a time travel series for kids…. ;] The series is referenced in the traveling and evacuation planning book above.
This is book 2 of the time travel series. The release date of book 3 has not been announced yet.

Ready? Or Not ~ FUN Things WILL Happen

Are you one of those people who when traveling forgets the most important things to pack? Or do you take everything but the kitchen sink? When the kids are sick do you run to the store and purchase Pedilyte at a high price?

Don’t be like a nurse we used to work with. In the dead of winter she drove her and her kids 60 miles one way to see her folks out in the sticks on less than ½ tank of gas and without coats nor blankets.

Following the advice in this book will help make your travels easier and more fun. This is also a good resource for an evacuation plan in case of emergency.

Ready? OR Not ~ Things WILL Happen

About the book

72 hour kits or Bug Out Bags are just the start of being prepared. BOBs and how to make them are covered too along with other concerns like communications, skill sets and team selection concerns, health and safety issues are explored. In short, this will quickly get you started on the road to preparedness and provident living.
What people are saying: You have a really great survival guide here. When you publish it, I would like to buy several copies so I can give each of my children one. Pat RN
The Book is coherent and well laid out. It covers just about all the basics well and explains why and how they are needed. Carter Respiratory Therapist
This was exactly what i was looking for. It’s well organized and not only give you a starting point but leads you through what you need to be prepared for an emergency. I feel that my family would be prepared after reading this book. It’s easy to read, understand and follow. The size is perfect for tucking into a pocket or backpack. This is the book you want if you’re looking for a handy guide to preparedness. Lois M Executive Assistant