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wound care from the top

wound care

We all want [and really do need to be] as self-reliant as we can reasonably can be. Medical and healthcare is an important topic. What you do or don’t do initially is often the determining factor for how long & well your life will be lived.
Wound closure is a hot topic with people learning how to suture and thinking that they are all badass … kinda like when a kid gets a hammer for Christmas and everything starts looking like a nail. Not every wound should be sutured. I do have suture equipment and other advanced tools which I used for work. There are easier ways to deal with some cuts.
You can buy prefab stuff special for the application. One such company that provides products that have a twist is at . I like the product. Most people do not actually need to get it though.
Over the years I have had to improvise much of what I needed to work on people in grid down situations. I also like knowing history. 2 score years ago we used to use Montgomery straps to hold dressings in place on wounds that we would be changing them often. This saved a lot of wear and tear on the skin. Basically the Montgomery strap is a cloth flap that is glued on each edge of the wound. The leading edge of the flap has eyes such that you can lace it up like your boots. Slight tension holds the dressing in place. Snugger tension will draw the wound edges together, like the top closure device listed above.
You can make your own straps with size [to the wound] appropriate cloth tape [duct tape could work too] and tincture of benzoin applied to the skin. Same goes for steri-stripes and ‘butterfly” closures.

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