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Halloween preps

Halloween preps

Halloween is coming very soon! This is a good time to stock up on some things. Typically whatever does not sell at full price will be put on clearance to clean out that section of the store for something else.

Small packages of candy would go great in your 72 hour kits and in your food storage program. The candy besides providing calories would be a welcome boost for everyone’s moral during an emergency. The hard candies store well in your car too.

The snap lights that you bend and shake to activate are wonderful for safety any time of the year. We carry some in out bug out bags and in the car too.

The costume makeup would come in handy for school plays and such.

Much of the stuff goes on clearance for 50% to 75% off late that night or early the next day. This would also go for Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Good time to get cheap decorations for next year.

Ravens Ravings 3

Ravens Ravings
Blog 3

This is my third blog I’m still trying to get this. Well I don’t want to keep harping on the VA. I just heard last week or week before about how they were celebrating the retirement of Miss McCormick from administration at the VA [Cheyenne WY VAMC]. Well I think this is dumb & too late, I think that she should of been relieved of her duties years ago.

They’re publicizing how much she amounted to & done for the VA. But no one seems to realize the fact of the mistakes that they’ve made. I’ve been told by a couple of veterans of the things that’s been going on there and I’d like to get a report or something back from other veterans that has had bad experiences at this VA. [Cheyenne WY VAMC]

There seems to be an underlying situation at the VA. Now I don’t want to knock the doctors for they do the best they can under the restrictions that the VA puts on them. For they seem to attract good medical personnel that wants to do something for the veterans. But they have administrative people it seems to try to get in the way of the doctors doing the best they can.

One incident that I know about is the VA gave this veteran a power wheelchair but refused to do anything to help him get a means to transport that wheelchair around. So he’s stuck just using this wheelchair in his apartment. When the weather’s nice he can get out and drive around in the area he lives, but he can’t take it to appointments that he needs [as an example to the local VAMC for appointments] or places that he may want to go.

Okay enough about the VA next I want to talk about our stupid Congress again.

It seems to me like they don’t want to do the oath that they took when they went into office or do the things they said during their campaigns. It seems like that is just words they said to get the position, which is not unusual for politicians. I would say well over half of our country’s problems could of been solved if Congress had used their congressional authority to impeach Pres. Obama. Anyone who thinks that Obama has done good for this country is really delusional. And if they think that Hillary’s plan is going to be a good as president she was a terrible Secretary of State she was a terrible wife to her husband when he was president. So I don’t think there’s any way that she is going to do anything good for this country. She has already shown that she doesn’t think she has to abide by the rules.

In closing I would just like to say what if our soldiers in combat had done such a lousy job at their duties at the oath that they took when they enlisted as Congress is done after taking the oath of office our country would be a communist country now or a Muslim country whichever way you want to look at it.

So this is the Raven as it’s been quoted nevermore.


RBO comment- The Raven can be reached at RavensRavings@PrepareSurviveThrive.US or you can leave a comment on the blog post.

Dollartree All Hallow’s Eve

Dollartree All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us. Along with other holidays. It is not too late to decorate for the occasion. The attached photo decoration has been priced at $45.00 in a trendy store.

This is a good example. The person [my Dollar tree Girl] did not pay $45.00 for it though. She was very resourceful and built it from things she found at Dollar tree and paid $9.00 [plus tax] for everything and had stuff left over.

With a little bit of planning you too can have great decorations on the cheap AND develop your skills and talents to boot!

Dollartree Halloween

Food Shortages Just Beginning

Food Shortages Just Beginning

When we were out shopping on Saturday we noticed a sign on one of the doors to milk saying that there is a national shortage of Organic Milk and they did not have any on the shelf. I believe that this is just the beginning of what is to come.

They say what is on the Grocery Store shelf will only last for about 3 days when SHTF. I have to warn you, please do not be one of the crowd who is trying to get food and water at that time, because people will be hurt or killed.

When we first started preparing we started with water and food. We bought during sales. When canned veggies went on sale for twenty five cents a can we bought cases and are still using them. While we were getting canned foods and like, I said we only bought them when they were on sale.

Then we started buying whole wheat, corn, dry beans and put them up in 2 liter pop bottles after they were cleaned out well. We also were able to put up #10 cans of dry food when we could get the canner and empty cans. The #10 cans were nice but the 2 liter pop bottles work well and if you don’t drink pop ask your friends or neighbors if you can have theirs. We have opened them after being stored for over 10 years and they make the noise that means they have been sealed well.

We also have canned fresh fruits and veggies. When you get a chance to get fresh fruit and veggies, can them and they will keep for a long time. We have had people give us cherries this year and we have canned them up.

Another way we have put food up is to dry it ourselves. We have a food drier and when we get extra food like blueberries we can dry them and put them in plastic containers.

Do not just have 1 way of putting food up because there may be times when you don’t have much water, which is the time to use canned items like canned veggies so you can drink the water that it was put up in or use it to make the dried items. The when water is more abundant then use the dried items. If you have food in the freezer, make sure that you have enough canning jars available, because if your electricity goes out you will need to can what is in the freezer or loose the food. The main idea is to put food away however you do it.

Ravens Ravings 2

Ravens Ravings
Blog number two

Gun control in America

I’ve been listening to the news over the past couple of days, about the shooting in Oregon, Aurora Colorado, and the other places that the shooting took taken place.

All seem to have the same factors in common. The thing that they have in common is all of these shootings take place in gun free zones.

I was listening to the radio and I heard that the shooter in Aurora Colorado picked the only theater in the area that would NOT allow you to carry a weapon. All the other shootings that are taking place have the same thing in common they seek out the week and the helpless. I carry a weapon with me all the time because I have two daughters to protect. I am ex-military I know how to shoot a weapon, (sniper trained) so I know how to take someone out. But most importantly I know when not to. I have crossed that threshold of taking someone’s life I had to in the military.

I think it would take quite a bit for me to just shoot someone. But I definitely would do it to defend myself or my family from bodily harm.

I don’t know what to think about this new world order that the UN is trying to establish. I’m just happy to be in a state where I can protect myself and my family. I do know that the only way that the world will ever have peace is if we all did treat everybody the same and that’s not a concept that I came up with this is common sense.

Until the world, specifically the people in the United States realize that we’re not fighting against people the battle is good and evil. Satan is running wild on this earth and people refuse to see it. The time is coming brothers and sisters that you’re going to have to make a choice again. The only difference now than then is this is a final decision that you make as to whose side you will be on. I prefer to be on the side of Lord. I know I’m being forged for something greater than I could ever imagine on this earth. I am very thankful for all of my friends that I have. I learned something from every one of them.

Well I didn’t do a whole lot of ranting and raving this time but I think I’ve got a message across. I don’t know what format or what topics these blogs will take but I hope to be something that I can continue doing if you have any comments. Please email me at the .

Well I hope you enjoy this and I hope you enjoy the ones that are coming. You have a good night and a good week.

The Raven

Hypo & hyperthermia 2

Hypo & hyperthermia 2

The best way to warm a hypothermic patient in the field is ‘kangaroo care’. In a hospital on the mother / baby floors where we have all the toys with bells and whistles to warm newborns we advocate kangaroo care to warm the babies. What is kangaroo care? It is skin to skin contact and then wrapping the parent and baby into blankets. Kangaroo care works great for adults too. Get the patient naked and into the bedroll, one or two non-patients need to strip down too and get in with the patient. The rescuers need to be kept well fed and hydrated as it takes a lot of calories to warm another person.

How do you know that the person has been warmed enough to be fed and given fluids? ;] when they are no longer shaking and are alert enough to ask ‘what are we doing in bed together and where are our clothes?” at this point they will most likely be ok to walk around and take care of themselves.

Several years ago there was an article in the newspaper about a hunter who fell into a creek. He made it back to deer camp where the other campers got him inside, out of the wet cloths, dry and into a sleeping bag. By this time he had stopped shivering according to the reports. What do you have when you put a non-shivering cold person into a sleeping bag alone? You have a well insulated soon to be dead corpse-sickle.
All of this guy’s ‘friends’ were too macho to get in bed with him to save his life.

In most healthcare or first aid situations there is NO place for responders being embarrassed causing inaction when life or limb are at stake.

Frost bite will be discussed as thermal injuries.

Hypo & hyperthermia

Hypo & hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is where your core body temperature goes higher than “normal’. If we take 98.6 degrees F as normal, then a temperature of 100 degrees F or higher is a fever regardless of if it is caused by your body fighting off an infection or if the ambient temperature is high. The all around easiest treatment to lower your body temperature is to increase your intake of WATER. This will help regulate your body temperature. You can also spray down with water either with a hose or spray bottle and if need be, a fan will help cool them off. You may run low on electrolytes – see the section on re-hydration drink. This works regardless of the cause and includes heat exhaustion, heat or sun stroke, heat prostration are all related to hyperthermia and dehydration. For fevers caused by illness you may need other than water to treat the under lying issues.

Hypothermia is when your core body temperature goes below ‘normal’. If we take 98.6 degrees F as normal, then a temperature of 97 degrees F or lower is included. This too can be caused by illness or more likely ambient conditions. Most people when they think of hypothermia think about ‘freezing to death’ or dying of exposure that the ambient temperature is 32 degrees F. Right? …. Nope that is wrong. While it does happen at those temperatures too, the average ambient temperature when someone experiences hypothermia is around 55 degrees F. The people get wet either from rain, falling into ponds or by activity that causes them to sweet.
Movement of the air around them causes the water to evaporate cooling the person down.

Levels of hypothermia can be classed as;
They feel cold to themselves.
They are shivering – Even at this point they are capable of re-warming themselves if fed and watered.
They are violently shivering – it is dangerous to feed or water them. But they most likely will be able to re-warm if kept dry in a warm room. Do not leave them alone. Keep them under observation.
They are so cold that they stop shivering. This is deadly as they are no longer able to re-warm themselves. They WILL die if you do not intervene.

Regardless of why their core temperature is too low the field treatment is basically the same and depends on their alertness level.

Get the patient into a warmer environment.
Get them out of wet or damp clothing. And dry them off.
If they are alert get them into dry clothing especially the head
If they are alert get warm fluids with calories into them, cocoa is good as are soups and thin stews. However coffee and alcohol are especially harmful as they dehydrate you and alcohol dilates the blood vessels in your skin which leads to faster heat loss.
If they are not alert enough or are shaking too much to hold the mug or feed themselves then they are too debilitated to safely consume it. Now is NOT the time to chance them choking!
At this point they need to be actively warmed. Electric blankets help IF available and IF there is power for them. Hot water bottles are NOT the best as they can be too hot and burn the person and they cool off too fast.

Raven’s Ravings 1

Blog Raven’s Ravings one

I am a veteran that used to get my medical care through the Cheyenne VA over on Pershing Avenue I have heard some stories about some things that’s been going on at the VA. I first of heard the story of how they can’t seem to get enough money to compensate the veterans for the things that they’ve done but yet they seem to have the money to build a brand-new building for their psychiatrist.

I’ve also heard of some stories about how the police officers at the VA. They seem to be overzealous in their duties and how some of the MSA’s and administrative people seem to use the VA police for their private security enforcement. Because some of the people at the VA just seem to want to make the veterans mad, or they treat the veterans with disrespect, but if the veteran says anything back to down or shows any type of anger or be mad at the way they are treated then the police are called and it is the veteran that’s in the wrong.

I think what they should do is really educate the people that work at the VA as to who it is that’s coming there for treatment. Well over 75% probably close to 95% of the older veterans that are being seen there are combat veterans trained to react to situations and respond to it.

I have even been told that there was one veteran that had been without pain medication for a few months while they were trying to get him a new primary care physician and the lady at the pharmacy window wouldn’t give him his medication until he smiled. The man was in pain and had been in pain for months waiting for the VA to do something and then this lady has the gall to want to make him smile before she does her job that lady should be fired.

Now I’m not saying that it is totally the VA’s problem. It is the administrative part of VA. Some of the doctors and nurses and the medical staff in the hospital are great but when you lie to him misled by the administrative part of VA then who do you turn to. There’s not a forum for veterans to talk to the administrative part of the VA. They have a patient advocate or so they say. But she is there to make sure that the VA is covered in what happens and not there to help the veterans. You can’t have the same organization running something and have that same organization provide the means to which you can complain to them about what they’re doing wrong that doesn’t work that way. If there is to be a position for a patient advocate at the VA then that person needs to be hired separately and administrated separately than through the administration at the VA which they work. Because how are they going to fight for a patient went if they fight too hard they get fired, it doesn’t make sense.

So I’m starting this blog for all the veterans out there that it had some sort of problem in having to deal with the administrative part of VA I’ve had problems with the VA police department there. I’ve been told that the police there act like bullies so any better know there that has a story detail please email me at and I’ll read your emails and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do. At least there’s going to be a new forum for veterans to discuss the problems that they have with the VA.

So this is the Raven this is my first blog and I hope I can continue to we can see some results thank you for reading and hang in there vets we warriors we have to stick together.

So as Red Green always says if a woman can’t find you handsome she should at least find it handy.

New feature

New feature

Over the last several years the health care that our veterans have been getting or the lack there of has been in the news. Many of us were given to understand that the situation was going to be improving. Sadly in a lot of cases things don’t really seem to be going in the right direction.

With that in mind one of our group has agreed to take point on discussing the VA Healthcare System situation and what to do about it. The section will be called ^Raven’s Ravings^. Raven will be posting periodically and we shall see the directions things go.

Please share your thoughts, concerns and experiences.