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everything which you need to make or repair things, UNLES it would fit better somewhere else. example would be hemostats which are good for small part handling, medical and fly tying.

Suicide plug

Suicide plugs

What are they and why are they so dangerous?

Suicide plugs typically are short [foot long or less] pieces of wire that have male plugs at both ends. They are used to ‘back feed’ electricity into and area of the house where the power has gone out. They can also be used to back feed electricity into an RV, outbuilding, shed or work area. Suicide plugs are intended for VERY short term use IF at all.

How are they used? Run your extension cord into a live plug, either in the house or a generator. The other end is run out to the area in need of power where the suicide plug is inserted into a female receptacle and the other end of the suicide plug is inserted into the extension cord. This energizes the dead area.


the first question that you have to ask is WHY is the unpowered area not powered? IF it an outbuilding or RV that is one thing BUT if it an area of your house which used to have power I would think thrice before re-energizing it in any way other than through the fuse or breaker box.

Second concern is that suicide plugs have exposed wires which are HOT aka energized and if someone touches it they can be electrocuted, hence the term suicide plug. IF you are going to use a suicide plug anyway EVERYONE around has to be educated on precautions!

Third concern is both 120 VAC and 12 VDC among other voltages will start fires.

There are other dangers involved in using a suicide plug, but these are the bigger issues.

You may well ask, What prompted this missive?

One of the neighbors was using a suicide plug and didn’t feel the need to warn others [including younger people] that were helping with yard work of the dangers and thought it was funny when confronted,

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p5

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p5

Face scrub-make a paste of 4 tablespoons salt with 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil, work on face,
leave on a minute or two then rinse off with warm soapy water, apply daily for one week,
then cut back to 2-3 times weekly, the salt cleanses the pores by exfoliation and the Olive
Oil restores skin’s natural moisture

Bath Oil-place a few drops of your favorite essential oil and 3-4 tablespoons of Olive Oil into
your bath water

Lice treatment-helps dissolve the exoskeleton of these little parasites, and smother the ones
that are resistant-pour Olive Oil onto hair liberally, comb out any visible lice with a nit comb
and leave on under a shower cap for up to 8 hours, follow by coating the hair in apple cider
vinegar, leave overnight, shampoo as usual and then comb out any remaining eggs

Homemade soap-search the internet for this, there are many different kinds of soap made with
Olive Oil

Lip balm-mix Olive Oil and melted beeswax in a 1:1 ratio with essential oil for fragrance

Stretch marks-reduce the appearance of stretch marks by combining equal parts of Cocoa
Butter and Olive Oil for a stretch mark minimizer will not remove entirely

Prevent prematurely gray hair-Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains pigments, using it in your hair will
gradually darken it

Prevent hair loss and damage-use Olive Oil to manage your hair instead of using harsh
chemicals, you can minimize damage to your hair

Minimize cellulite-mix used coffee grounds with Olive Oil for a topical cellulite treatment, apply
directly to skin, will not eliminate entirely

Reduce nitric acid to normal levels-Nitric acid has been proven to increase blood pressure, Olive
Oil reduces nitric acid levels, take 1 tablespoon internally daily

Help fight off degenerative disease-the antioxidants in Olive Oil give it the power to help lessen
the impact of degenerative diseases in your body, take 1 tablespoon internally daily

Make a natural vitamin supplement-2 tablespoons taken internally daily can replace daily Vit E
supplement while providing all the other benefits of Olive Oil

If you are taking a blood thinner such as Warfarin you should be very consistent in your consumption of
olive oil as it is also high in Vitamin K. Obviously you should consult your healthcare provider.

Singers swear by this throat soother-swallow a tablespoon of Olive Oil and you will not have to
clear your throat nearly as often during a performance, soothes itchy throats, lubricate back
of mouth and tonsil area and may lessen snoring

We would like to hear what you use Olive oil for……

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p4

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p4

Massage oil-use instead of expensive massage oil, you can add essential oil to Olive Oil to make
a more pleasant aroma, otherwise take a warm shower afterwards so you will not smell
like french fries — EDITOR’S note – Olive Oil is the only base oil that I will use when giving a massage as
there is less of a chance of adverse reactions. RBO–

Pet lush coat-place a few drops of Olive Oil in your dog or cats food dish each day for a lush,
healthy, shiny coat, also can relieve skin irritation caused by fleas or dry skin and a great
lubricant for sore, cracked paws

Frizzy hair-on those humid days, place a few drops of Olive Oil into the palm of your hand, rub
Your hands together to spread the oil around, then rub your hands into your hair, then comb
and style as usual

Darken and highlight eyelashes-use Olive Oil instead of mascara to darken and shine your
eyelashes and eyebrows being careful not to get into eyes

Protect hands from yard work-put a few drops of Olive Oil onto hands and work in before
gardening or other dirty work to prevent dirt buildup and make cleaning up easier

Hair detangler-in a spray bottle place 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil into the bottle then fill the rest
of the bottle with water, shake well and spray some into hair, work in well with fingers and
then comb and style as normal (add or subtract the amount of oil according to your hair)

Fingernails-using a cotton ball apply some Olive Oil to moisture cuticles, or mix oil and water
to soak fingertips into before a manicure

Treatment of sunburn-soothes the pain of mild sunburn by helping skin retain its moisture-use
equal parts of Olive Oil and water in a spray bottle, shake often to keep it from separating
spray onto sunburn several times a day until sunburn stops burning

Firm and tone skin-combine equal parts water and Olive Oil in a spray jar, shake well spray on
skin and work in, puts moisture back into skin and gives more elasticity

Polish furniture-combine 2 parts Olive Oil with 1 part lemon juice or white vinegar in a spray
bottle, spray onto furniture and let stand for a minute or two when wipe off

Get paint or car grease off you hands-place 1 teaspoon Olive Oil and 1 teaspoon salt or sugar
into the palm of your hand, rub hands together, getting in between fingers and rub around
fingernails, wash hands with warm soapy water and rinse well

Put moisture back into hair-heat ½ cup Olive Oil (don’t boil) and liberally apply to hair, cover
with a plastic grocery bag then wrap in a towel, let set for 45 minutes then shampoo and
thoroughly rinse

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p3

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p3

May the Forth be with you!

Condition cutting boards-apply a small amount of Olive Oil onto a rag and wipe the cutting
Board and leave on, use as normal

Waterproof your work boots-apply a small amount of Olive Oil onto a rag and then work into
boots, wipe off any excess oil with clean rag

Shine brass-apply Olive Oil onto a rag and work in circular motion, get clean rag and working in
circular motion wipe off any excess oil

Remove sap or tar from skin-apply a tablespoon of Olive Oil and work into hands for a few
minutes then wash hands with warm soapy water

Lubricate hairballs-place 1 teaspoon into your cats daily dish, the Olive Oil will lubricate
hairballs to make them go through intestines and the hairballs will end up in the kitty litter
instead of the living room floor

Remove Eye Makeup-pour a drop or 2 of Olive Oil onto a cotton ball and apply to makeup on
eyes and around eyes, around eyes, let sit for a few minutes then wipe off the eye makeup
and the extra Olive Oil, this will remove make up, soften the skin around eyes and smooth
out the wrinkles

Prevent earwax buildup-place a few drops of warm Olive Oil (do not boil) into the ear canal
with that ear facing upward, leave for a few minutes then turn that downward and lay on
that side with a towel under the ear to catch excess oil and earwax

Shaving cream-replace shaving cream with Olive Oil and shave as normal, will smooth the skin
and prevent red bumps on face

Remove paint from hair-moisten a cotton ball with Olive Oil and gently rub into hair after a few
minutes wash with shampoo and rinse well

Shoe polish-place a few drops of Olive Oil onto a rag then work into shoes, with a clean rag
wipe off excess oil and buff shoes

Ear ache relief-place a few drops of warm Olive Oil into the ear canal tipping your head so that
the ear that hurts is upward, lay down with that ear still upward for 3-5 minutes, when you
stand up have a Kleenex ready in case any extra oil or wax comes out

Soothes itchy, burning, irritated skin and may help rashes heal just apply to the skin

Personal lubricant-use instead of KY jelly, but avoid using with latex condoms because the
condom will not work to prevent pregnancy nor the transmission of STDs

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p2

Part 2

How to store

There are 4 enemies of Olive Oil they are: heat, light, air and time. So, store in dark containers and put containers in cool and dry places. Watch out for rancidity in time.

Nutrient value

One tablespoon of Olive Oil contains:

Calories: 119
Fat: 13.50 grams
Saturated Fat: 2 grams
Carbohydrates: 0
Fibers: 0
Protein: 0
Vit E: 1.9 mg
Vit K: 8.1 ug


Can be used in place of WD40 or 3-1 oil to lubricate squeaky hinges, chairs, etc.

Clean and protect from rust- rub Olive Oil onto clean garden tools wipe off excess

Recondition baseball mitt and or other leather-work Olive Oil into dry areas, let set for 30
minutes and wipe off excess oil

Stainless steel shine-wipe off the stainless steel object first to make sure all dirt & grim is off
then put Olive Oil onto a rag and wipe on the object, then with a clean rag buff in circular
motion with firm pressure, will protect against rust and make the object shine

Sticker remover-dab Olive Oil onto a sticker or label, let oil sit for a few minutes, sticker will
peel right off

Lamp fuel

Chewing gum remover-apply Olive Oil to the gum & surrounding hair, leave in for 5-10 minutes
then pull gum out

Free a stuck zipper-use cotton swab to apply Olive Oil to teeth of zipper work zipper a few times

Prevent mosquitoes from breeding-prevent mosquito larvae from contaminating rainwater by
pouring a layer of Olive Oil on top of the water in your rain barrel

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen p1

47 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen

Olive Oil is very useful to have stored up. Not only can you cook with it, there are many things outside of the kitchen that you can use olive oil for. Here, I will discuss 75 of them. But let us begin with some background information on olives and Olive Oil.

What is Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a fat that comes from pressing whole olives. The Olive is in the fruit family. The Olive Tree originated in the Mediterranean basin.

History of Olive Oil

From archeology digs it was found that the first olive oil presses date back to 6000 BC. Olive oil has been an important trade item throughout history. The Spartins used olive oil to put on their bodies and then scraped off for the games in Greece. At this same time women used olive oil in their cosmetics.

Production & Consumption

As of 2013 Spain was the largest producer of olive oil with 39% of the total world production.
Olive oil is produced in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Morocco, Syria and Algeria. In the United States olive oil is produced in California, Texas and Arizona.

The country with the most consumption per capita is Greece which consumes over 24 liters per person per year.

Names for Olive Oil

Different names on the Olive Oil labels indicate the amount and type of processing the olive goes through, it also describes the quality of the olive oil.

Extra virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade. The word virgin refers to the process that no heat or chemicals were used to extract the oil. Virgin Olive Oil contains the highest levels of polyphenols an antioxidant and the most healthy oil.

Olive Oil is a combination of refined and virgin oils.

Cold Pressed or Cold Extraction means that the oil was heated but not over 80F during processing so that it contains more of the nutrients of the fruit. The higher the heat the less nutrients the oil contains.

Locked out

Recently we were at a trade show promoting our books. It was early Saturday morning while everyone was opening up for the day. Brett from the Farmer’s Daughter LLC – – had gone looking for change I believe is what he said, when he came to this one vender who had forgotten the keys to their money box. Well Brett being Brett he started going around to all the other venders to see if anyone had a key that would fit. No, we didn’t have a key that would fit.

The options discussed were that they could drive home and get the keys.. a 3 hour round trip which would been less fun than Gilligan’s Island. Destroy the box. Drive into town and hit an ATM $300 daily limit -20 miles- or just pack up and go home. None of those options were appealing to any of us.

It took about 10 minutes to get the moneybox open for them AND that included making the tools to do the job. So there was a happy ending. Oh, did I mention that we did have a locksmith at our table ;].

***Here is the take away from this. ***

They had BOTH keys to the lock box on the same keyring which is how it came from the store and had left them on the desk at home. This is normal, common behavior BTW. If you are married each of you should have a key on your key ring. If you are by yourself then you should have the backup set of keys somewhere safe that you can get to on your expedition. I carry 2 sets of car keys on me and my wife does too. Spare keys are cheaper and easier than being locked out.

When going on a trip especially out of town, fill out a load list – an example of this is in or you can write out a list and check it twice when you travel.

Skills – some skills are easy and quick to learn, others take a long time to learn, develop and maintain with constant practice. Examples of the more difficult skills include locksmithing and healthcare. This story was a good example of the locksmith being able to build the needed tools on need.

Tracking Time

Keep a Track of Your Time

I know this is always a difficult thing to accomplish; however, not everything that you do is straight forward. It’s forward some and then back some then forward again. So, we need to know where we are right now, before we can go on.

The best way to do that is to keep a time log of what you are spending your time on. Once you know where you are, then you can make plans on were to go from here. Fill out the Time Log for the week, the best way to do this is to have it on your desk if you work in an office. If you work at home, put it in the kitchen, that is where most of your time is probably spent. If you work outside put it in your front pocket along with a pencil. Be as accurate as possible, it will guide you better in the long run. This seems like a waste of time, but when you see the results you probably will find out that you spend more time doing things that don’t matter much in the end than you thought. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, every half an hour just jot down what you have done in that time. You can just do this with a sheet of paper, you don’t need a set up page.

When you go to bed, take the list with you. Are you waking up in the middle of the night and having a difficult time going back to sleep? Add up the hours that you sleep. Are you getting enough sleep? Or is it too interrupted? Are you making up for lost sleep at night by napping during the day?

How is your morning routine with eating breakfast and getting dressed and out the door?
Are you running around the house looking for your keys and the report that you need today? Do you get your shirt or dress out of the closed just to find out that it needs ironed? Do you pour a bowl of cereal and then look in the refrigerator to find out that there is no milk?

Just looking at your time log is usually enough to know what you need to change in your routine. Are you going from one activity to another without finishing the first activity? Are people disturbing you in the middle of projects? Do you look at your cell phone a million times a day?

What do you do when you get home in the evening? Do you sit in front of the TV for 4 to 5 hours every night? Do you spend your evening in front of the computer checking your face book or playing games for hours on end? Is it 11:00pm before you know it and past time to go to bed? Then you ask, where did the time go?

On the weekends, do you sleep till noon and then drag around for another couple of hours before you are ready to mow the lawn, or fix your car? When it is Sunday night do you find out that you have not completed anything on the weekend you wanted to do?

Get your Time Log done and then we will work on making better use of your time so that you can get your preps done.

Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?


How do you answer these questions?


  1. Do you have a first aid kit in your home? And car?
  2. Do you have enough food, etc. in your home to be able to not go out to the grocery store for 3 days?
  3. Do you believe if there is a disaster in your town that the government will be there to help you within 3 days?
  4. Do you have a meeting place away from home planned and every member of the family knows about it.
  5. Do you have a list of the drugs you are taking and know what they are for?
  6. Do you  know where a copy of your mortgage or lease agreement is and can you get to it within 5 minutes?
  7. Do you have copies of every family member’s birth certificates and can get to it within 5 minutes?
  8. Do you know the phone numbers of family members if your smart phone goes dead?
  9. Do you have a place planned to go inside your home (or outside if a mobile home) if a tornado were to strike your home?
  10. Do you have change on you when you go out to use a payphone if your smart phone goes dead?
  11. Do you have enough money saved up for 6 months if you were to loose your job?
  12. Do you have enough medication to last for a month if you could not get a refill  before then?
  13. Do you have entertainment in your home if the power was off and you could not leave your home for 2 weeks?
  14. Do you have enough food for your pets for a month if you could not get to the store?
  15. Do you have enough water in your home if you could not get water from the faucet for a couple of weeks?
  16. Do you know the emergency preparedness plan for your workplace?
  17. Do you have extra food and water at work if you have to shelter in place there?
  18. Do you have comfortable shoes at work and home if you should have to walk a distance?
  19. Are you mentally prepared if there were a disaster to strike your town?
  20. Have you mentally prepared you children if there were a disaster to strike your town?
  21. Do you have copies of your mortgage and birth certificates and titles of vehicles at a place not in your home?
  22. Do you have a living will?
  23. Does  your family know your wishes to be or not put on life support?
  24. Do you have all credit card name, numbers and phone numbers written down in case your wallet gets stolen?
  25. Do you have all of your financial information in one place so your family knows what is due, etc. if you were in the hospital and could not pay them?

Dollar Tree Bargains for Prepping

Dollar Tree Bargains for Prepping


I went over about things from Dollar Tree to put into your First Aid Kit, now I want to talk about other things from Dollar Tree that you can put into your Preparedness items.

Yes, you can get these items elsewhere, but at how much more. Maybe you should compare purchasing at Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree. Even if Wal-Mart has an item that you really want, but that would limit the amount of items that you can purchase at this time, it may be more beneficial to purchase more items at Dollar Tree so that you at least have the items and then after you get enough, then go back and purchase better quality items and replace what you had purchased and put into your backpack.  For example you would really rather have a $10 flashlight from another store, but you don’t have many items at all in your backpack for emergencies.  It may be wise to purchase 10 items at Dollar Tree, one of which is a flashlight.  Then after you have most of what you need in your backpack go back and purchase better quality items, but in the meantime if something happens you at least have something. Go to some of those items that need to be placed in your backpack are:




Duck tape

Large black trash bags

Different sizes of ziplock bags


Screwdrivers- Phillips and flat head





Aluminum pie pan (to use as a plate)

Plastic coffee travel mug (you can use for hot drinks, soups as well as water)

Large tongs (for moving fire wood around when hot)

Kitchen knife

Cutting board

Set of Funnels (use to put water or food into coke bottles)

Hot pads

Washcloth for washing dishes and dishtowel for drying

Tablecloth large size

Clothes pins



Pencil sharpeners


Coloring books



Writing paper


Play dough


Bath soap




Hand towel

Tooth brush

Dental Floss



Chap stick

Food – Ramen Noodles, tuna or chicken salad with crackers, peanut butter, cheese crackers and peanut butter crackers, soups, granola bars, some hard candy, etc



Assorted rubber bands

Assorted safety pins

Sewing Kit

Bobby Pins



Dishwashing liquid

Aluminum foil


With being able to get all of these products for only $1 then you can spend more on your higher ticket items such as the backpack you want to use, knives, hatchets, etc. If you want to go back and spend more on one of the items above then you can do that after you get all the items that you want into the backpack first.  And each member of your family should have a backpack.  If you have a baby, put their items in a separate backpack, so that you can take turns carrying it or the baby, but this keeps their items separate and easier to get to than if they are among your items. Having these items together and ready will ease the stress level when the day comes that you have to evacuate your home.

If you have trouble finding some of the things, ask to talk with Lorane the manager [if you are in her store] and she will help you. ALSO wish her a Happy Birthday if you are in there next week. ;]