Fukashima 2018

Fukashima Japan incident was 2011, March 11th 7 years ago.

At the time I said that it needed to be watched as it would effect us locally at some point, which it has. Several people locally told me that I was just being a fear monger and NOTHING bad would happen.

WELL, the reactors continue to spew radioactive materials into the air and seas. Wild life have been showing up near Hawaii, Alaska and the US west coast with mutations as has land plants near the site.

So, how does this effect us here in Wyoming? We are down wide via the jet stream from Japan, particles filter out as it drifts and lands on our soil just like it did when we bombed them in WWII.

Anyone who eats sea food from the Pacific ocean is getting some amount of radiation which is in the plants [seaweed for example] that are used to amend your garden soil, as food for livestock and people too along with use as medications / supplements. As little fish eat the plants the radiation levels accumulate and gets into the bigger fish that eat the smaller fish and at the top of the food chain in the sea is tuna and sward fish and then we eat them. As for me, I wont buy stuff from the pacific anymore. I will buy stuff harvested from the Atlantic.

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