Track Your Time

Keep a Track of Your Time

I know this is always a difficult thing to accomplish; however, not everything that you do is straight forward. It’s forward some and then back some then forward again. So, we need to know where we are right now, before we can go on. The best way to do that is to keep a time log of what you are spending your time on. Once you know where you are then you can make plans on were to go from here. Fill out the Time Log for the week, the best way to do this is to have it on your desk if you work in an office. If you work at home, put it in the kitchen, that is where most of your time is probably spent. If you work outside put it in your front pocket along with a pencil. Be as accurate as possible, it will guide you better in the long run. This seems like a waste of time, but when you see the results you probably will find out that you spend more time doing things that don’t matter much in the end. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, every half an hour just jot down what you have done in that time. You can just do this with a sheet of paper, you don’t need a set up page.

When you go to bed, take the list with you. Are you waking up in the middle of the night and having a difficult time going back to sleep? Add up the hours that you sleep. Are you getting enough sleep? Or is it interrupted?

How is your morning routine with eating breakfast and getting dressed and out the door?
Are you running around the house looking for your keys and the report that you need today? Do you get your shirt or dress out of the closed just to find out that it needs ironed? Do you pour a bowl of cereal and then look in the refrigerator to find out that there is no milk?

Just looking at your time log is usually enough to know what you need to change in your routine. Are you going from one activity to another without finishing the first activity? Are people disturbing you in the middle of projects? Do you look at your cell phone a million times a day?

What do you do when you get home in the evening? Do you sit in front of the TV for 4 to 5 hours every night? Do you spend your evening in front of the computer checking your face book or playing games for hours on end? Is it 11:00pm before you know it and past time to go to bed? Then you ask where did the time go.

On the weekends, do you sleep till noon and then drag around for another couple of hours before you are ready to mow the lawn, or fix your car? When it is Sunday night do you find out that you have not completed anything on the weekend you wanted to do?

Get your Time Log done and then we will work on making better use of your time so that you can get your preps done.

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