Ebola 20141117

Ebola 20141117

Dr Salia contracted Ebola and was brought to a hospital in Nebraska for treatment. Reportedly he died around 4 am Monday, may he RIP.

Salia first showed Ebola symptoms on Nov. 6 but tested negative for the virus. He eventually tested positive on Nov. 10. This is from yahoo news linked at

Which tells me that practicing universal precautions is still the best option. Basically treat everyone as if they have everything. ;] consider following the advice in the posts starting at http://www.preparesurvivethrive.us/ebola/

Some points to ponder.

West Nile virus was identified in the late 90s on our east coast. A year later it had made it out here to the Rocky Mountains. That is mighty fast and far for something that is carried by mosquitoes? Many of us suspect that it was out here a lot longer and merely found than as we were at last looking for it.

Back when we worked general medical some of the staff [who were good people] would be in and out of patients’ rooms providing care. Yet when test results came back that they had something contagious, the staff would freak and go overboard with isolation.

Back in the 80s and early 90s I sometimes worked with ‘high risk’ patients for HIV populations. In the 80s AIDS was assumed to be strictly a homosexual or IV drug abuser problem. –now we know this is not so – When AIDS first raised it’s ugly head as a general concern, there was the same disquiet and unease as we have now with this Ebola.

Ebola was discovered in the mid 70s. Since that time people have been traveling back and forth to those areas of the world that have Ebola. Does anyone really think that it has not already been here before?

Every year in the US we lose on average 36,000 dead due to the FLU. It is just the normal garden variety flu, not swine or avian flu flavor of the week in the news. This is with a fully working medical system. Most of them die from de-hydration and electrolyte imbalance.

My point being that while Ebola is not a good thing to contract, it appears as if it can be treated IF identified early. Good hygiene is a must. As is being prepared to shelter in place [be quarantined] so as to be away from the civil unrest more so than protect the public. ;]

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